A good education starts with caring relationships. Connecting with young people is vital to providing the quality education they deserve. The overall aim of the Student Advisory Program is to provide opportunities for students to develop a sense of belonging and personal connection to our high schools-to be known well by at least one adult in their schools.

Advisories will help to personalize the high school environment, bringing forward the kind of supportive, caring and sustained relationships among teachers and students that make schools better places to learn. Effective advisory programs result in enhanced student engagement and learning.

The Advisory Curriculum is available online. You can access lessons by grade and by theme. All lessons can be downloaded as MS Word documents, saved as files and revised as needed. This feature supports teachers in constructing their own "digital advisory binders."

The Advisory Curriculum will be refined as it is used by advisors and students. This site offers opportunities for feedback, group-authoring and networking. It can leverage the collective wisdom and energy of colleagues in building an Advisory Curriculum that is continually evolving and improving in quality.

You are invited to join discussions and offer feedback online at the Add New Comment section located in each theme area in By Theme or by posting topics in the Advisory Forum.

Together we can create an ongoing conversation among advisors, provide peer review, ask questions and benefit from the collective expertise of participants.